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Executive Assistant



Eindhoven, Netherlands
Posted on Friday, September 15, 2023

At Sendcloud, we're on an exciting journey from a founder-led to a leadership-led organization. We're seeking an exceptional individual to join us as the Executive Assistant to the Leadership Team, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This position is at the heart of our dynamic and fast-paced pre-IPO, hyper-growth environment. As an integral part of our team, your unrivaled organizational skills, discretion, and proactive spirit will empower our leadership to navigate this thrilling phase of our company's transformation. In this role, you will also serve as a culture champion, ensuring that our employees are engaged and supported by our evolving leadership team, all while driving us toward tangible results. Reporting directly to the VP Talent and Technology, you'll be a key player in our multifaceted team, embracing IT operations, Information Security, HR, and Office Management.


Executive Support and Culture Champion 🏆
- You'll provide comprehensive administrative support to our leadership team, expertly managing calendars, travel arrangements, and correspondence.
- Serving as the linchpin between leadership and internal/external stakeholders, you'll ensure seamless communication and time management.
- Your active engagement with employees will create an atmosphere where they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas, bridging the gap between leadership and the rest of the organization.
- We value recognition and celebration. You'll play a pivotal role in acknowledging and celebrating both major and minor achievements, boosting morale and motivation.

Communication Enhancement and Time Management 📅
- You'll be instrumental in enhancing communication across our organization, ensuring that important messages flow smoothly.
- Helping leadership prioritize tasks and commitments will maximize productivity, and your implementation of time-saving strategies will optimize their daily routines.

Meeting Coordination and Effectiveness 📈
- Scheduling, planning, and coordinating meetings will be your forte, both internal and external. You'll prepare agendas, documents, and presentations, ensuring meetings are efficient and actionable.
- Your discretion in handling sensitive information will build trust, maintaining confidentiality at the highest level.

Leadership Transformation and Bold Candor 💫
- Our journey from founder-led to leadership-led is a critical transition. Your experience and confidence will be pivotal in supporting multiple leaders simultaneously.
- You thrive in chaos and turbulence, and you're not afraid to be bold with radical candor. You'll address how leadership should change to become more effective.
- Your insights on what "good" looks like in running executive assistance will guide our leadership toward success in this transformation.

- Your precision and effectiveness in handling administrative tasks will empower our leadership team to focus on their strategic priorities.
- Well-organized and productive meetings, coupled with your follow-up, will ensure that decisions and actions are executed effectively.
- Upholding the trust and confidentiality that Sendcloud values will build strong relationships between leadership and team members.
- Collaboration across departments will thrive under your guidance, creating a cohesive and efficient work environment.
- Embracing a culture of kindness, support, and achievement, you'll make every employee feel valued and engaged.

In this role, you will be a vital part of our hyper-growth journey at Sendcloud, empowering our leadership team to make strategic decisions and drive the company's success as we move toward an IPO. Your contributions will be instrumental in helping Sendcloud achieve its ambitious goals in this thrilling phase of our growth, all while enhancing communication, time management, and adaptability to ensure leadership effectiveness. Join us on this transformative journey where you'll lead with bold candor and support us in becoming a leadership-led organization that thrives, right here in Eindhoven.